1. mpdrolet:

    From Nocturnes

    Daisuke Yokota

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    “My wife’s hair mimicking the clouds.”

    NYC-based photographer James Chororos is manning our Instagram account all week. Give us a follow.

    © James Chororos

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    I’ve been sitting on this (read: consistently forgetting about it) for like two weeks, oops

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    395: Joe Colombo / Small Armchair with Curved Elements < Design, 27 March 2014 < Auctions | Wright

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  7. 99percentinvisible:

    "Bastard chairs" photographed by Michael Wolf all around Hong Kong. 

    Hey, they do their job. 

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    Lift off. 

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  10. tinytinybirds:

    New book available soon of old work, some seen & unseen.