1. booooooom:

    At age 18, photographer Mike Brodie left home and train hopped across the US. He spent 3 years documenting his adventures, photographing the vagabonds he met along the way. A selection of the INCREDIBLE photos here.


  2. snappokemon:

    Water Main Work Begins Tuesday April 1 (You’re Leaving Your Body), 2014. Installed somewhere in Central Illinois.

    This diptych is from a newer, untitled series where I search for signs to physically alter. While I don’t consider this work to be exactly the same thing as street art and graffiti, I am inspired by street artists, unapologetically expressing themselves for anyone to see. I’m also quite aware that what I do is technically illegal; I never get permission to change the messages of these signs. I typically spot a sign I’d like to change, figure out which of the messages I’ve come up with might work with that sign, and return later to install and document the result.

    I make it a point to never change the signs back.



  4. cathyboy:

    Illustration for the header image of Sequential State, a comic review blog.

    Thanks to Alexander Hoffman!



  6. thelabmagazine:

    Nouel Riel interviewed by Justin Tyler Close for The Lab Magazine

    Photography by Justin Tyler Close

    Artwork by Nouel Riel


  7. timelightbox:

    Photo by Gillian Laub for TIME

    Meet Transgender America

    In this week’s cover story, TIME introduces America to some of the individuals waging a battle for recognition and rights, including Laverne Cox, who stars in the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

    (via photographsonthebrain)



  9. fuckyeahempires:

    Switch Bitch Records has CONFIRMED that Empires will be making their TV debut on David Letterman (NYC) on June 17th, a couple days before their Mercury Lounge show!!! 

    You can read their track-by-track review of the upcoming How Good Does it Feel EP here.

    (via zeriously)


  10. The job of the photographer, in my view, is not to catalogue indisputable fact but to try to be coherent about intuition and hope.